Paw Patrol Launch 'n' Roll Lookout Tower Review (Spin Master)

Paw Patrol Launch 'n' Roll Lookout Tower
What It Is

It's Paw Patrol to the rescue to repair a collapsed bridge with the Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Launch 'n' Roll Lookout Tower track set. It comes with nine track pieces and a two-piece bridge accessory that snap together to form an oval-shaped track. There is also a Lookout Tower accessory that spins and launches Paw Patrol Rescue Racer vehicles. Just push down on the tower's button to launch. The Lookout Tower has space for storing six vehicles, but only two are included: exclusive Rubble and Ryder Rescue Racers. Additional vehicles are sold separately. As Rubble and Ryder race along the track, they'll come to the collapsed bridge. Just push the lever to bring the collapsed bridge piece back up and repair the bridge so the Rescue Racers can drive over it and back to the Lookout Tower. If you want to make the bridge “collapse” again, just press the button on the side of the bridge. 

This track set also includes a stoplight accessory and mini figures of Chase and Zuma that can slide down the Lookout Tower's slide. Additional Paw Patrol figures are sold separately.

Is It Fun?
This track set is going to be lots of fun for Paw Patrol fans who will enjoy building a familiar scene from the show and playing out a rescue repair mission with the collapsing bridge. The set is easy to put together, and the bridge feature is easy for small hands to manipulate, meaning preschoolers can play out that storyline over and over again. This will inspire lots of open-ended, narrative-based play for kids who like watching Paw Patrol and playing with toy cars.
Who It’s For
The Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Launch 'n' Roll Lookout Tower Track Set is for Paw Patrol fans ages 3 and up. They'll like building out a location from the TV show and sending their Paw Patrol Rescue Racers off on all sorts of imaginative rescue missions.
What To Be Aware Of

Some adult assembly is required. It took us five minutes to put this track set together. It was very easy to do.

This track set can be connected to other Paw Patrol track sets, giving kids the ability to build out their own world of Adventure Bay. Additional track sets are sold separately.

The Launch 'n' Roll Lookout Tower only comes with two Rescue Racers. Additional vehicles and Paw Patrol figures are sold separately.

Rubble and Ryder cannot be removed from the Rescue Racers.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy