Air Hogs Thunder Trax Review (Spin Master)

Air Hogs Thunder Trax
What It Is
The Thunder Trax from Air Hogs feels like it's in a category all its own in the best possible way. Unlike other members of the Air Hogs family, the Thunder Trax is substantial and sturdy, maybe that's because it has to be watertight. Drive the tank across just about any surface, its extra-deep treads help it navigate indoors and outdoors quite well. When you come to enough water for it to float, hit the transform button to convert it from tank to boat and watch it float on water. You'll be able to drive the aqua tank for a good distance as the R/C features 2.4GHz communications for long-range control. The remote is easy to use and the controls are self-explanatory. 
Is It Fun?
Roaming the Thunder Trax on land is cool enough on its own, but the magic really happens when you turn it into a floating vehicle. The deep treads make it work on both surfaces as they turn into propellers when converted into their water-based components. You'll find that the Thunder Trax is durable and will change skeptics opinions of Air Hogs products being flimsy. The controls also handle well, starting with the land to water conversion, which is all done by one button.
Who It’s For
For ages 8–10, the Thunder Trax will attract the attention of kids and R/C fans alike. They'll enjoy the all-terrain access the tank portion has to offer while the water based half of the Thunder Trax will prove it to be a true all-terrain R/C vehicle. Kids, teens, and adults into Air Hogs products will also want to grab the Thunder Trax. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Thunder Trax goes from land to water vehicle with the push of a button on the 2.4GHz remote controller. The only real downside is that most of us don't live near a lake or pond where we can drive seamlessly from land to sea. Even if you have to pick it up to set it in the water, it's still a pretty great payoff. The Thunder Trax remote requires three AA batteries, which are not included. However, the vehicle is rechargeable via USB cable.
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