Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City Review (Fisher-Price)

Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City
What It Is

Preschool superhero fans can play out the action of Batman v. Superman with the Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City. This playset has Gotham on one side and Metropolis on the other. Connecting the two is a flight tower with 360-degree spinning action to make the Batman and Superman action figures fly. Attach one figure to the copter backpack, and use the other figure to turn the Power Pad on Wayne Tower. Doing so will cause the flight tower's propeller to spin and the action figure to lift off. If you hit the roof panel as you fly by Wayne Tower, you'll open the trap door, and any figure on top of the roof will drop through. Two-sided play inspires all kinds of imagination.

The playset also has three other Power Pad locations that reveal different features. The second Power Pad on Wayne Tower transforms the tower with a light-up bat signal, sound effects, and disk launcher. Over in Metropolis, you can flip over the Daily Planet globe to drop a figure into the jail, or reveal a LexCorp projectile launcher with two projectiles.

Other features include a Joker disk launcher, an elevator, opening doors, and lots of space for playing.

Is It Fun?
For young Batman and Superman fans, this playset has lots of possibilities for open-ended, narrative-based play. Kids can pretend to battle the superheroes or add villain action figures, sold separately, and make Batman and Superman team up to defend both their cities. The helicopter flying action is also pretty cool, especially because if you're got Superman, you've got to make him fly!

The preschool look for the figures and the playset is consistent with the Imaginext look, and most kids won't see the movies intended for older kids. For kids who will enjoy this toy, the basic play of power and conflict and two superheroes will provide lots of inspiration for play at an age-appropriate level.

Who It’s For
The Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City is for little Batman and Superman fans ages 3–8 who will like playing out their own superhero storylines just like the big kids with action figures and features sized just right for them.
What To Be Aware Of

The playset requires six AA batteries but only two are included for the in-store try-me features. You'll probably want to replace those for best results.

Adult assembly is required and you'll need a Phillips screwdriver to do it.

The playset comes with an extra copter blade in case you need to replace the first one.

Kids might want to make the flight tower copter lift off from the ground, too, but for best results, just keep the lift offs and landings on top of the helicopter launch and landing pads. Bright lights might affect the range of the Wayne Tower Power Pad to the flight tower copter. It's recommended that you try dimming the lights in the room you're playing in.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    6 AA batteries required