Snuggle & Sleep Musical Sheep Review (VTech)

Snuggle & Sleep Musical Sheep
What It Is
VTech's Snuggle & Sleep Musical Sheep for ages newborn and up is a part of the VTech Baby line. This is a soft and friendly toy that plays music and songs to soothe your little one to sleep. Open the Velcro in the back and flip the switch to turn on your sheep. You can adjust the volume and timer to suit your baby's needs. When your baby cries, the sound sensor triggers sweet melodies to help them go back to sleep. Press the control buttons to play, pause, or choose the next or previous song. The yellow button in the center lights up. You can also pop out the electronic part of the sheep by pressing the blue button located inside. Even cooler, there is an SD card slot, so you can play your own music from an SD card, which is sold separately. The sheep has cute, embroidered facial features with bright patterns in different areas. This toy requires three AA batteries. 
Is It Fun?
Kids will love the sheep, itself, as it is soft, snuggly, and bright with cool patterns and embroidered facial features. They will also enjoy hearing the soothing sounds and music. It will be a great way for kids to hear their first nursery rhymes and to get in touch with their musical side. The Snuggle & Sleep Musical Sheep will also be cool way for parents to incorporate their favorite children's music for their kids, as you can add your own music using an SD card, which is sold separately. This cuddly sheep makes for a great gift as well. 
Who It’s For
Recommended for ages newborn and up. This is great for babies who are soothed by lullabies and melodies as well as soft, plush animals. The Snuggle & Sheep Musical Sheep features over 50 songs melodies, sounds, and phrases and aids in language development, auditory stimulation, and visual awareness. 
What To Be Aware Of
Requires three AA batteries. Use an SD card, which is not included, to add your own music. Electronics are removable for hand washing the sheep. Set a timer, control the volume, and navigate music with parental controls. Customize and download more content from VTech's Learning Lodge. 
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    3 AA batteries required