Meccano Meccasaur T-Rex Review (Spin Master)

Meccano Meccasaur T-Rex
What It Is

The Programmable Meccano Meccasaur looks like a robotic T-Rex with a 715-piece gunmetal and green frame made up of metal and plastic that also stomps and roars. Although it doesn't look exactly like a real T-Rex, it's incredibly lifelike in the way that it interacts with people. It responds to a person's voice and petting will cause it to purr. The motorized T-Rex's construction is more technological than brick-based sets like MEGA Bloks and LEGO and it requires some supervision if younger builders are looking to put it together. 

Control your robo-dino with the direction pad and the Meccasaur's eyes will light up as you make him roam around the house or control his roars, attacks, and mood with the buttons on the Meccabrain on his back. The Meccasaur also shows off its sense of humor when you ask it yes/no questions. It'll either send out a positive or negative growl as an answer. The fully built Meccasaur is an impressive three-feet long and features four play modes (Record, Play Back, Room Guard, and 8-Ball Mode). 

Is It Fun?
The STEM designed robotic dinosaur teaches kids problem solving, engineering, and mechanics as they program the T-Rex to roar and walk the Earth once more. The Meccano Meccasaur responds well to all interactions including petting and taking both verbal, and directional orders from the buttons. The T-Rex's large design makes for an impressive visual display and will give builders a feeling of accomplishment once construction is complete. Each mode adds even more interactive play between creature and creator, kind of like Frankenstein's dinosaur.
Who It’s For
Meccano's Meccasaur is idea for STEM builders and construction kit fans, ages 10 and up. The many parts make a huge T-Rex that acts like the real thing and also adopts several pet mannerisms like purring. Four play modes, sounds, and action animations make it a great toy for dinosaur fans as well as motorized toy collectors. 
What To Be Aware Of
It comes with the tools to put it together and will require teenager and adult help (It took us five hours to put together) during young builder assembly. The Meccasaur roars, stomps, and responds to petting and yes/no questions with either purrs or attacks. The Meccano Meccasaur includes the 715 metal and plastic pieces to make the beast, a light-up LED module, one Meccasaur Meccabrain, two hand tools to put it together, and the instruction guide. The fully built Meccasaur is three-feet long and features four play modes (Record, Play Back, Room Guard, and 8-Ball Mode).
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