GoDog Crazy Tugs Monkey Lime, Large Review (Worldwise)

GoDog Crazy Tugs Monkey Lime, Large
What It Is
The Go Dog Crazy Tugs Monkey is a durable plush dog toy from Worldwise. Like all Go Dog dog toys, the Crazy Tugs Monkey is made with the proprietary Chew-Guard technology. That means it's built tough with multiple stitching and a mesh-like liner the is rip-and-puncture resistant. That means this toy should last longer than the average stuffed toy. The Crazy Tugs line also features arms and legs that are one piece and slide through the body. This makes getting into a tug of war with your pooch more entertaining since you can switch limbs easily before your pal can accidentally nip your hand. This Go Dog Crazy Tugs Monkey can be used for tugging or light fetching and because of the Chew-Guard technology, moderate chomping.
Is It Fun?
Nothing makes dogs happier than playing with their Pet parents and the Go Dog Crazy Tugs Monkey is a great interactive toy to get the ball rolling. The arms and legs of the toy slide through the torso so you can keep fido guessing as to which limb you may grab. Also it's a fine size toy to incorporate fetching, especially indoors, and light chewing since it's designed with Chew-Guard technology.
Who It’s For
The Go Dog Crazy Tugs Monkey is for any dog that likes tugging or playing with plush dog toys.  The Crazy Tugs Monkey may be a little small for large and extra-large breeds. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Go Dog Crazy Tugs Monkey comes in two sizes. Each is sold separately.
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