Lil Lockitz Best Friends Party Pack Review (Alex)

Lil Lockitz Best Friends Party Pack
What It Is
Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack 218-piece set comes with all the materials needed to make 18 necklaces, bracelets, and keychain lockets. Includes 18 locket tops and backs, six necklaces, six bracelets, six keychain clasps, gems, charms, backgrounds, tweezers, photo stencil, locket crimper, photo puncher, storage tray, and instructions. To design your custom locket, grab a locket back and place it in the crimper. Next, pick a colorful background and place it in the locket base. Make a unique photo background by using your own photo and the photo puncher. Slide your photo in and push down firmly and evenly on a hard, flat surface. Once your background is in, fill it with gems, letter, charms, or outside materials of your choice.You can use the tweezers to pinch or scoop your favorite elements, or just use your hands. Choose a colored top for your locket, use a top with one loop for a necklace or keychain, and two loops for a bracelet, place it on the locket back, close the crimper lid, and open it to reveal your creation. Last, clip your keychain, tie your necklace, or strap your bracelet. If you want to add something to your necklace, just pop it open and add it. From Alex Brands for ages 5 and up.
Is It Fun?
These lockets are colorful, fun, and wearable. This is perfect for a sleepover with the besties. It's a lot of fun and kids will love the customization aspect of this locket set and showing off their creations.
Who It’s For
Recommended for kids, ages 5 and up, who love arts and crafts, accessories, and their besties! 
What To Be Aware Of
This kit makes up to 18 bracelets.
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