Mochi Trumpet Teether Review (People Toy Company)

Mochi Trumpet Teether
What It Is
Babies can make a little music and soothe sore gums with the eco-friendly Mochi Trumpet Teether from People Toy Company. What makes this teether eco-friendly is that it's made with Japanese rice-plastic technology so that the toy is actually 51 percent rice. There are no toxic paints or adhesives, so when baby puts the teether into his mouth, parents don't have to worry. And when baby puts this teether in his mouth, his natural sucking and teething motions will cause the toy trumpet to make a squeaking sound. And because this is a teether, it of course has a teething ridge to soothe the sore gums of a teething infant.
Why Is It Useful?
Many parents are concerned with what toys go into their baby's mouth, but with the Mochi line of teethers, parents don't have to worry. This is an eco-friendly baby toy that will be fun for babies to play with in their hands and their mouths. The unique manufacturing process will appeal to parents who are looking for eco-friendly baby toys, giving them peace of mind while helping to soothe their baby's gums. Teething babies will like the squeak of the trumpet whenever they suck and chew on this teether.
Who It’s For
The Mochi Trumpet Teether is for ages 3 months and up, and ideal for a baby who has started teething. Of course, the eco-friendly manufacturing process will appeal to parents who are concerned about the toys that their baby is putting in his mouth. With its muted colors and contemporary look, this teether is also going to appeal to parents who are looking for alternatives to mass-market baby toys.
What To Be Aware Of

There are other teethers and toys in the Mochi line, and those are sold separately.

These products are called “mochi” because a mochi is a Japanese rice cake and the teethers are made from rice. According to the package, this is the process to make each Mochi teether. Each Mochi piece is created with rice harvested in Japan. Then, the rice is mixed with People Toy Company's unique blend of special ingredients to create a 100-percent safe and sustainable Mochi rice-plastic. Then engineers hand-assemble each piece to exact specifications, free of any harmful adhesives and paints. 

Because of the environmentally friendly manufacturing process, this teether is going to cost more than traditional teethers. But parents who are looking for eco-friendly baby products and value innovative design won't mind paying the additional cost for peace of mind.

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