See-It? Slam-It! Game Review (Outset Media Games)

See-It? Slam-It! Game
What It Is
A fast-paced family card game, See It? Slam It! forces players to shout out words associated with the various pictures that get flipped over. Three picture cards are flipped up, followed by a letter card. As soon as the letter card is shown, players are immediately thrown into a race to find something on any of the picture cards beginning with that particular letter. As soon as you see something, slam your hand down on the card as fast as you can before someone else beats you to it (for example: an "L" card turns up. Slam your hand on one of the pictures that you see something that starts with that letter--like leopard print on a jacket.) When the word is correct, the player keeps the picture card they slammed. The game ends when all cards are gone. The player with the most cards wins.
Is It Fun?
The thrilling speed of See It? Slam It! will draw players into a frenzy of shouting and slapping with hilarious results. The wild picture cards will also give them a plethora of weird things to say based on the crazy imagery featured (such as whales wearing hats). Being a card game, you'll never get the same game twice, which means an unlimited amount of replay value right off the bat. Speaking of pictures, the images on some of these cards are so bizarre that thumbing through them is entertaining.
Who It’s For
From Outset Media, See It? Slam It! is for all ages, but recommended for kids ages 7 and up as a starting point. The rules may take some getting used to at first, but as soon as people figure it out, they'll have hours of fun with this crazy card game. See It? Slam It! is great for any fans of card games, party games, or people who want to have something around that will entertain guests.
What To Be Aware Of
Due to the chaotic nature of this wacky game, a helpful hint is to designate one player to flip over picture cards, and another to flip over letter cards throughout the game. This helps keep the game in motion without anyone squabbling. The rules may also be a little confusing in the beginning. See It? Slam It! contains cards that have crazy pictures and another deck that has letters and includes an instruction manual.
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