Cloud Q Infant Car Seat + Base Review (Cybex)

Cloud Q Infant Car Seat + Base
What It Is

A comfortable, ergonomic design, the Cybex Cloud Q Infant Car Seat and Base is the result of ongoing research at Cybex. Building on previous infant car seats, the car seat offers a full-recline position outside of the car, a foldaway XXL canopy with UPV50+ sun protection, and 11-position height-adjustable headrest, Telescopic Linear Side-Impact Protection (L.S.P. system), and the removable newborn inlay molded for premature and very small babies. This protects your baby from all areas at all stages of development. There's even a solid steel bar that goes under the actual seat of the car itself for added safety during installation. 

The Cloud Q is also travel ready and can be added to Cybex and other brand strollers. By researching with doctors, midwives, and numerous test results, this car seat fully reclines and molds to the shape of your child's body, head, and neck. The L.S.P. system, flexible material, structure, and energy absorbing shell of the car seat make sure the forces of impact are channeled away from babies--a precautionary feature that should never have to be utilized.

Why Is It Useful?
This fancy car seat protects your child from every angle with its wonderful design. Comfortable, flexible, and extremely safe, the Cloud Q Infant Car Seat and Base will let parents drive with ease knowing their baby will always be great during every stage of their development. The full-recline, immense foldaway canopy, shock-absorbing design, and 11-point headset are fantastic additions to a heavy-duty seat that Cybex continues to engineer.
Who It’s For
For newborns until they reach 35 pounds, the Cloud Q's latest addition will be great for all those little ones and their parents who will drive, sleep, stroll, and breathe easier thanks to the abundance of safety features this seat carries. The fact that the material and inserts adjust to the baby's body as it grows is a gift in itself.
What To Be Aware Of
As luxurious as it is, the Cloud Q's Infant Car Seat and Base comes with a hefty price tag--it will run you about $450. That's not meant to discourage anyone, as all of its features, comfort, design and safety measures make it absolutely worth it. 

When baby is sleeping, make sure the seat's leg base is extended outward in the reclining position. You can also connect this car seat to Cybex and Cloud Q-compatible strollers to wheel them along when you've reached your destination. 

The seat is easy to install in the car or stroller and even has a metal bar that folds over the car's seat for added support.

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