Criss Cross Crash Review (Mattel)

Criss Cross Crash
What It Is
Criss Cross Crash from Hot Wheels is making a comeback! This classic Hot Wheels racing set is all about speed, crashing and mayhem! The set includes a central cross over unit, and arced classic Hot Wheels orange and blue track that allows cars to race around a cloverleaf formation and through the crash zone. The cars are powered around the track by spinning, plastic coated wheels that propel the cars onto the tracks. Set up takes about 20 minutes, and adult assembly is highly recommended. The set comes with one car that's designed to work with the track, but of course the real fun comes when you load up the track with a lot of cars. Watch them race through around the tracks and through the cross over unit. Will they crash? Well, of course they will eventually. They'll also go flying off the track. It's fast-paced action that reflects the essence of Hot Wheels: collectibility, speed and non-stop fun. 
Is It Fun?
This is classic Hot Wheels play. The whole point of Hot Wheels is speed and racing, and kids love watching their cars speed around the track...and CRASH. Each time the car successfully completes a loop, it actually appears to go faster. Inevitably, it's going to go so fast it flies off the track. Or, if several cars are on the track at once, you're in for a dramatic crash. Kids get a kick out of pushing their cars to the limit and discovering which ones are best. The set is a springboard for all kinds of imaginative play, and kids will enjoy creating their own games and challenging their friends to see whose car does better on the track.
Who It’s For
This is designed for Hot Wheels fans ages 5 and up. It will appeal to kids who love to set up their various cars competitively and challenge them on the track. Kids who like traditional power and conflict play and competition will enjoy this both for solo play and co-play. 
What To Be Aware Of
Be sure to pay attention to how the track goes together. Make sure that all the connections are tight with no raised edges between the track and the connector so that cars will fly smoothly over those joints.

Make sure that all four support legs are firmly on the floor or a hard surface. You may have to adjust each support leg individually to ensure this. Try to avoid setting this up on carpet if possible for best results. 

Once this is assembled, you may have to make further adjustments to ensure the cars are running smoothly. Keep playing with it until one car running by itself on the track can go through the complete circuit several times before flying off the track or getting caught.

If cars collect in the cross over unit, which they may, it's advised that you shut off the motor before clearing the jam; that just makes it easier. 

Criss Cross Crash was first introduced in 1999, and it's been one of the most popular Hot Wheels track sets ever introduced.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 D batteries required