SmartyKat Catnip Caves Review (Worldwise)

SmartyKat Catnip Caves
What It Is
The Catnip Caves by SmartyKat are brown paper bags infused with the scent of catnip to attract cats to jump on in and play! You'll have a hard time getting your cat out of the bag with this product. It's got colorful decor on the outside so you don't confuse them with your average grocery store brown paper bag. The Catnip Caves by SmartyKat comes with two brown paper bags per package. 
Is It Fun?
The Catnip Caves by SmartyKat are fun because they attract cats to play with them using their catnip scent and crinkly brown paper bag texture. Cats love jumping into boxes and bags and this Catnip Cave by SmartyKat is a product that's designed to feed into these very instincts.
Who It’s For
Does your cat love jumping into every bag you bring home from the grocery store? Is your cat naturally attracted to the crinkly sounds that your average brown paper bag make? Does your cat go crazy for catnip? Then this product is for you. The Catnip Caves by SmartyKat are catnip infused brown paper bags that cats will love getting their paws into!
What To Be Aware Of
The Catnip Caves are a very basic toy from SmartyKat. They are brown paper bags infused with catnip. However, the catnip scent didn't seem to last very long. We added additional catnip to the bag once the scent was gone. We also felt this same play pattern could have been achieved with bags you already have at home. 
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