Petlinks Twinkle Chute Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Twinkle Chute
What It Is
The Twinkle Chute by Petlinks is a lighted tunnel toy that features touch-activate lights and crinkle sounds to entice cats to play with it. The Twinkle Chute by Petlinks comes tied together in a compact disc-like shape, but once untied, this spring loaded chute will expand to it's full 33" length. It's a great tunnel that provides a fun and interactive environment for your cat and encourages independent playtime. The Twinkle Chute by Petlinks comes in a variety of colors. 
Is It Fun?
The Twinkle Chute by Petlinks is fun for feline friends because it allows them to have a fun little space to stalk and hunt their prey. Cats love hiding in the chute and waiting for their prey to walk by (ie - either their owners or other pets) and pop out at them to give them a scare! It's a fun toy that cats are attracted to because of the crinkly paper sound. It's great for playtime and will encourage cats to get some exercise during their daily routines! The Twinkle Chute by Petlinks is available in a variety of colors and lights up, or twinkles, as cats run through it with excitement! 
Who It’s For
The Twinkle Chute by Petlinks is great for cats that love to have fun stalking and hunting their prey. It's a great crinkly cat toy that cats who love to run around and have bursts of energy will love running through it and making noise and lighting up the chute. It's also a great toy for pet parents who want to set up a toy and quickly break it down when they have guests over. 
What To Be Aware Of
  • The Twinkle Chute by Petlinks is a spring-loaded chute pops up and folds down easily for storage. It includes an on/off switch for the lights. The Twinkle Chute requires two button-cell batteries (AG13, LR44 or L1154 - batteries are included). Always be sure to inspect your pet's toy before use and make sure if any of the toy is broken or the wires are exposed to discard. Also, I found that this product needed a good amount of movement to activate the lights. 
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