Plush Player Review (Petlinks)

Plush Player
What It Is
The Plush Player from Petlinks is a plush cat toy that has a refillable catnip pouch for your cat's enjoyment. This squirrel creature is fuzzy and fun for your cat! It's the perfect rodent size for your cat to capture and carry it around like prey. This cat toy comes with a vial of catnip, which immediately attracts your cat to play with the toy and it adds extra energy to their playfulness. 
Is It Fun?
The Plush Player from Petlinks is a fun cat toy because it is the size and shape of an actual rodent. Cats are drawn to the catnip scent that is released once catnip is placed inside the refillable catnip pouch on the Plush Player. 
Who It’s For
This toy is ideal for any cat because it's the size of an actual rodent. It will appeal to a cat's stalk- and-hunt senses as they go after this toy prey.
What To Be Aware Of
The fibers on the Plush Player Squirrel's tail come apart easily and can be consumed by your pet. Make sure to monitor your pet while they're playing with this toy. 
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