Scout & About, Toss & Float Toy Review (P.L.A.Y)

Scout & About, Toss & Float Toy
What It Is
The Toss & Float toy is part of the Scout & About line of outdoor toys and gear for dogs from P.L.A.Y. or Pet Lifestyle and You. Now if you’re not familiar with P.L.A.Y.  you should know that they make products that are both stylish and help strengthen the bond between Pet and Pet Parent.  P.L.A.Y.  is also a company that is concerned about the environment and they give back donating to charities that help animals in distressed situations. As for the Toss and Float toy, it’s part of their outdoor  Scout & About series which also includes camping gear and toys for pets.  The Toss & Float has a double layered outer shell with double stitched seams.The pattern has the profiles of different dog breeds which is also unique to the Scout & About collection.This toy is made from non-toxic materials and azo-free dyes so it’s safe.The inside feels similar to a bean bag but more firm and whatever it is that’s inside is buoyant because you can also use the Toss and Float toy as a baton for dock diving or other water play.  The rope handle can be used for a mild game of tug of war but when you let the loop slip down it can be tossed underhand over quite a long distance which is great for your dogs fetch game and a pet parent's shoulder.  In case you can’t get enough playtime during the day, the Toss and Float toy has the added feature of  a 3m reflective strip for nighttime play.
Is It Fun?
The Toss & Float from P.L.A.Y. is great for tossing and fetching on land or in the water.  The Toss & Float is weighted well so an easy underhanded toss will go over quite a long distance. Many dogs also enjoy fetching in the water which is why this dog toy floats.  You can also use the Toss & Float for mild game of tug of war.
Who It’s For
The Toss & Float is definitely for dogs pet parents who enjoy the great outdoors.  This dog toy is great for dogs that love to retrieve and play in the water. We think the Toss & Float is sized for medium to large breeds.  It may be a little large for smaller dogs.
What To Be Aware Of
The Toss & Float toy is not a chew toy and should not be left with an aggressive chewer. This toy should be used under pet parent supervision.  Never use a water toy near a body of water with a strong current. 
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