Pie Face Showdown Review (Hasbro)

Pie Face Showdown
What It Is
If you liked the suspense of the original Pie Face, just wait until you play the new Pie Face Showdown game. This turns the fun into a head-to-head (or rather face-to-face) competition where you don't know who will get pied first: you or your opponent. Each player places his or her head through one of the two masks. On the count of three, players simultaneously press their buttons as fast as they can to try and move the throwing hand closer to their opponent. When the hand gets too close to one side of the pie thrower, it'll spring up and that player will get “pie-faced”.
Is It Fun?
This turns pie-throwing comedy into a competitive game. You've got to have a fast hand (and some arm strength) to push that button and keep the “pie” away from your face! But even if you do get pied, that's part of the fun. (And if you like eating whipped cream, it will also be yummy to get hit in the face with the "pie"!) This is a silly and messy game that the whole family can play. Start a family Pie Face Showdown tournament and see who can come out clean-faced: mom, dad, or the kids! (Hint, it's always going to be funnier when mom and dad lose this game!)
Who It’s For
Pie Face Showdown is for two players ages 5 and up. If you liked the original Pie Face game, then you're going to like this new way to play, but it's also going to be fun for those new to the silliness and messiness of this pie-throwing game. You do have to be willing to get messy if you're going to play this game, though.
What To Be Aware Of

The game comes with a pie thrower, a throwing arm, two chin rests, two splash-card marks, and a sponge. Whipped cream is sold separately.

We found that you don't want to fill the throwing arm with too much whipped cream, otherwise it won't perform as well. You might have to experiment until you find just the right amount of whipped cream for maximum pie-in-the-face action.

If you don't want to play with whipped cream or don't have any handy, you can wet the sponge with clean water and get splashed if you lose.

Make sure you clean and dry all game components after you're done playing.

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