Sweet Dreamz On The Go Review (Cloud b)

Sweet Dreamz On The Go
What It Is

From Cloud b, the Sweet Dreamz on the Go is a take-along accessory that attaches onto strollers or car seats for bedtime soothing. 

Available in two themes (owl or bear), the Sweet Dreamz On The Go plays music, nature sounds, acts as a night light and has a sound sensor. They each also feature eight unique sounds (Mother's Heartbeat, Ocean Sounds, Gentle Rain, Le La Lu, Claire de Lune, Satie, Lullaby Waltz, and a "Shh" sound) varying from either four lullabies or four nature noises. It also contains three multi-purpose modes (light and music with no sound sensor, light and music with sound sensor, and light-only mode) to help your child sleep easier.

When the baby gets fussy or restless, put the Sweet Dreamz in their hands or next to their pillow. The somber sounds will project calming noises to relax and quiet the little one while a soft light emits from the owl or bear's head and a sound-activated sensor rejuvenates light and sounds to keep soothing baby and letting everyone in the house sleep peacefully. 

Is It Fun?
This is a great take-along accessory that's perfect for night time, afternoon walks, or when you travel with the baby. Tap the button once for nature sounds and twice for lullabies. A volume control helps parents control the sound levels. If you're out, clip it onto your stroller or carrier and put it in the crib when you're home. When your child has trouble sleeping, the Sweet Dreamz will help quell the issues you're having, helping put both of you to bed that much faster.
Who It’s For
The Sweet Dreamz On the Go is a wonderful soothing sounds/night light for newborns who have trouble sleeping and made by Cloud b. It'll help your newborns sleep well and parents will love it for all those lost hours of slumber they'll finally be able to catch up on.
What To Be Aware Of
The Sweet Dreamz On The Go is available in owl or bear themes and requires three AAA batteries that are included. The Sweet Dreamz also features three modes and an adjustable volume control so you can make sure the eight nature sounds and lullabies won't be too loud for your sleeping babe. They also contain heart shaped clips for attaching to strollers, carts and cribs. The sound activated night light has a 15-minute auto shut-off timer and a 45-minute auto-shut off timer for sound.
  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 AAA batteries required