Mochi Blocks Premium Set Review (People Toy Company)

Mochi Blocks Premium Set
What It Is
Manufactured from sustainable rice plastic, the Mochi Blocks Premium Set features 28 hand-crafted pieces that newborns are going to go gaga over. 

Before making the blocks, the Mochi pieces go through an interesting process. The rice is first harvested in Japan before being transported to the facilities, where it's then mixed with a unique blend of special ingredients. After blended, the combined ingredients create the 100% safe and sustainable Mochi rice-plastic. The last step sees Mochi engineers hand-assemble each individual piece (free of any harmful paints or adhesives) before packing them up and sending them on their way. 

These 28 blocks can be used to make your baby their own playful little creations while you unwind comfortably knowing how safe their play really is. There's even a teething ring included in the set that makes playtime even more of a breeze.

Is It Fun?
In addition to the building aspects of this set, the Mochi blocks also have smiling cloud swirls that are a result of the hand-crating process. The included teether is also a great touch, but there's more than just that and the box of blocks. Mochi's Premium Set also gives you two rattles, both of which your little one will adore. The multiple, bright colors of the rice blocks are also sure to catch your baby's eye and add to their learning and playtime.
Who It’s For
The rice based building blocks are for newborns to about 2 years. The first six months suggest guided parent play so you can show your baby colors, sizes, shapes, and soothe them with the rattles that each have individual percussion sounds. The following six months should see your infant building structures on their own and using the teething ring to take the edge off of the rough times their gums will be having.
What To Be Aware Of
Each Mochi piece is created with rice that's harvested in Japan. Next, the rice is mixed with a unique blend of special ingredients to create 100% safe and sustainable Mochi rice-plastic, and then hand-assembled. The Mochi Blocks Premium Set comes with 28 pieces that offer your newborn hours of fun play. These cloud engraved, multicolored pieces include six triangles, seven cylinders, two rattles, four rectangles, eight cubes, and one teething ring.
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