Qixels 3D 3D Maker Review (Moose Toys)

Qixels 3D 3D Maker
What It Is

The craft brand Qixels lets kids create pixilated 2-D creations using colorful cubes and water, but now the play is taken to another dimension with the Qixels 3D 3D Maker. It comes with 600 3D cubes and a special machine that kids use to make three-dimensional creations that still have a pixilated look but without the use of heat, glue, or a mess.

There are six design templates for making six different animals: dog, sheep, dolphin, bug, chicken, and bird. And with the 3D Maker, you build each animal one layer at a time. Choose your template and feed it into the 3D Maker so that the first red square on the template is visible. Then, place the cubes on the tray, matching them to the colors and shapes on the template. Press down firmly on your finished layer, and then coat the cubes with water using the brush. Flip over the handle to transfer the finished layer onto the tray and stack plate, and then move the template to the next red square, flip the handle back, and continue building in the same manner until all layers are complete. Carefully remove the creation from the 3D Maker and let it dry for an hour. Use the end of the brush to remove all of the support cubes, and then your Qixels 3D figure is ready to display. You can even attach a bag tag to a figure so you can carry your favorite design with you on a bookbag, for instance.

The Qixels 3D 3D Maker comes with 600 3D cubes, the 3D Maker, 30 single support cubes, eight 3x3 support cubes, 10 3x1 support cubes, 35 2x1 support cubes, two trays and stack plates, a water tank, a brush, six design templates, two bag tags and threads, and an instruction booklet.

Is It Fun?
This is a fun activity that will appeal to kids who already like creating with Qixels and to any kid who likes all things pixilated. Using the templates to create is pretty easy, although it can be a little hard to see through the build tray to determine what cubes you need. But overall, using the 3D Maker makes building in general very easy, and it results in fun figures for display or imaginative play.
Who It’s For
The Qixels 3D 3D Maker is for ages 5 and up. Kids who already like playing with Qixels will like this new way to create, but it will also be fun creative play for those who are new to Qixels.
What To Be Aware Of

Depending on which template you follow, the amount of time it takes you to complete a 3-D creation will vary. Plus, you have to factor in the hour-long dry time for the finished creation. But kids who have the patience to create and wait will really enjoy making different 3-D figures with this kit.

Even after the one-hour dry time, there might still be parts of the figure that are wet, so after you remove the support cubes, you might want to give the figure a little more time to dry before playing.

Additional Qixels 3D templates are available and sold separately.

This machine only works with Qixels 3D cubes.

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