Zoomer Chimp Review (Spin Master)

Zoomer Chimp
What It Is

The next evolution of Zoomer is here with Zoomer Chimp. This robotic chimpanzee combines all the fun of the original Zoomer but with new interactive features. Along with lifelike movements and realistic chimp sounds, Zoomer Chimp features True Expression Technology to bring its fully animated face to life. 

In Auto mode, wave your hand in front of the chimp's eyes and nose sensors, and the chimp will follow you. Or quickly press the chimp's back button to see a trick. Some of Zoomer Chimp's tricks include beatboxing, whistling, singing, and, our favorite, wiggling its butt in the air.

Press and hold the back button to make Zoomer Chimp enter Guard mode, in which its eyes turn white and it charges forward to attack anything that moves in front of it.

To enter Voice Command mode, press its head button and wait for its eyes to turn purple before clearly speaking a command, including do a trick, how are you?, chimp talk, follow me, sit down, stand up, let's dance, and flip. You can also say “Guard me” and the chimp will enter Guard mode. Or say “Go bananas!” to watch Zoomer Chimp run around, throw its arms up, laugh, and scream.

These are just a few of the ways Zoomer Chimp will respond, but as kids play with Zoomer Chimp more and more, they'll unlock even more unpredictable responses.

Zoomer Chimp comes with a micro USB charging cable, instructions, and a cheat sheet.

Is It Fun?
There are so many different ways to play with Zoomer Chimp, and kids will really like getting down on the floor and putting this robotic primate through its paces. This is a fun combination of realism and silliness (Have you ever seen a real chimpanzee sing opera?) to give kids a pretend experience of owning a real monkey.
Who It’s For
Zoomer Chimp is for ages 5 and up. It's going to appeal most to kids who like monkeys and enjoy interacting with robotic toys.
What To Be Aware Of

Zoomer Chimp runs on a rechargeable LiPo battery, and it comes with a micro USB cable for charging. You can connect it to a computer or a USB wall adapter. It takes one hour to get a full charge.

Zoomer Chimp is pretty easy to control, but just make sure you're speaking clearly when giving voice commands and holding your hand in just the right spot to get the chimp to sense and follow you. That might take some practice.

The toy works best on smooth, flat surfaces.

The toy can be played with in English or French.

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