LEGO Creator Brick Bank Review (LEGO)

LEGO Creator Brick Bank
What It Is

Your money is safe and sound at the LEGO bank. How do you know? Because you built the bank! The LEGO Creator Brick Bank construction set, model number 10251, comes with 2,380 pieces for building a two-story office building comprised of a bank, a Laundromat, and two offices. The easy-to-remove building sections offer access to the building's interior, however, before you even get to the inside of the building, there's a lot to see on the outside. 

The exterior of this 10-inch tall building features a detailed sidewalk, a façade with carving and décor, a decorative roofline, large arched windows, a central balcony, a clock, and a roof terrace with a large skylight. There's also a Laundromat storefront with an opening door.

Lift off the top of the building to check out the first floor interior. You'll find the bank with an atrium foyer, tiled floor, lockable vault, and a transaction counter with security “glass”. Look up to see the chandelier. Next door is the Laundromat with tiled floor and four laundry machines.

Take the stairs to the second-floor offices. You can lift off the roof to access these. The first office is designed to be a secretary's office with a wall clock, typewriter, desk, cabinet with opening drawers, fireplace, and an espresso machine. The second office belongs to the bank manager. It has a large desk with banker's lamp and approval stamp, a leather-look chair, a printed portrait, a statue, and a cabinet.

Along with the detailed interior and exterior, the set also comes with five minifigures: a bank manager, a secretary, a teller, a mom, and a child.

Plus, there are lots of accessories, including a printed prize check, window-washing tools, and a lift for raising and lowering a laundry machine. For a bit of bad guy play, use the lift's rope to send a minifigure down the chimney and into the airshaft to give a criminal easy access to the money in the bank's vault. The set doesn't come with a bank robber minifigure, but you do get a black cap and kerchief to transform one of the minifigures into a robber.

And this construction set can be connected to sets in the LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building Series for building out an entire LEGO town.

Is It Fun?
This set is amazing. It looks really cool, and we just keep discovering new things every time we open it up. There is a lot of detail on this set, plus rare sand-blue and dark green bricks that LEGO fans and collectors are really going to want. While this set is going to look so cool on display, there's a lot of playability here, too. We love that there's a way to break into the bank, and that accessories are included for turning any of the seemingly good-guy minifigures into a hardened criminal. Opportunities for imaginative play abound with this construction set. It is designed for the expert builder, but perhaps that older LEGO fan can share some of the fun with a younger fan. 
Who It’s For
The LEGO Creator Brick Bank is for ages 16 and up. This high age range is due to the very high piece count of the set as well as the high price point, which really gears it more toward an older LEGO builder and collector. The box even says it's for an expert builder. Though, once it's built, we don't see why a younger child couldn't play with it.
What To Be Aware Of
It took our resident Master Builder 5.5 hours to build this set. The instructions were easy to follow; it's just going to take a long time to build the set because it has 2,380 pieces. That's a lot of pieces.
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