Metals Die-Cast Avengers Hulk and Thor Review (Jada Toys)

Metals Die-Cast Avengers Hulk and Thor
What It Is
Inspired by Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Metals Die-Cast Avengers Hulk and Thor set from Jada Toys features two four-inch collectible figures in one box. Both made of die-cast metal, these figurines are meticulously detailed, and hilariously proportioned. They're surprisingly heavy, but they have to be if they're going to be taking down a terrifying titan like the mechanical Ultron. 

Is It Fun?
While their proportions are more Manga than Marvel, fans of the Avengers comics or the films will love these solid metal four-inch figures whose design and details are spot-on. You'll love the ridiculous resemblance to actors Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth and the amazingly hysterical shapes they've been molded into. Either reenact scenes from the Avengers films, their legendary comic book confrontations or put them on the shelf to display, there's no doubt that these metallic heroes are really fun to look at.
Who It’s For
Teenagers (and older) fans of the Marvel films, comics and the Thor and Incredible Hulk characters would be delightfully interested in these figures (more for display than active play) to add to their growing collections. These die-cast figures can be played with, but they are geared more towards collecting fans of the Marvel franchises. With the next phase of Marvel movies on the cusp of hitting theaters later this year, you'll want to pick these up as superhumanly fast as possible.
What To Be Aware Of
Although the joints on these figures look to be articulated, they aren't. The Metals Die-Cast Hulk and Thor are also quite heavy, despite their tiny, yet interesting build. While intended for collectors, they can be played with and are not complete without their fellow Avengers or an Ultron to battle with (other Metal Die-Cast figures are sold separately). 
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