Jack in the Box Colour Match Me Review (Chalk and Chuckles)

Jack in the Box Colour Match Me
What It Is
Have a barrel of laughs with the Chalk and Chuckles Jack in the Box Colour Match Me game. Build your own Jack in the Box according to colored springs with either a roll of the die or by matching what you see on select cards. 

In the first of two games you can play, be the first to complete your Jack in the Box with 10 springs. There is a catch, though--you can't have two of the same colored springs in the same Jack. By rolling the wooden dice, you'll be assigned which colored spring to build the Jack with--starting with the box. But beware: if you roll a Jack then the head goes on top and your creation is done, 10 pieces or not. The game ends when one player reaches 10 springs or all Jacks are complete. In that case, the player who has the highest spring count is the winner.

The second game revolves around the sequencing cards, which each display a different Jack to build. What you want to do here is simply model your own Jack after what you see in the picture cards.

Is It Fun?
The eco-friendly Jack in the Box building game is made from hand-crafted wood and non-toxic inks, which is great for environmentally conscious parents. The two distinct games add replay value while kids can also add their own variations to the rules to change things up a bit. There's also some additional gameplay options included with the instructions. The Jack in the Box game helps kids learn colors and sharpen cognitive skills with the multiple colored springs used to make the Jack. It's unique design and concept are another reason children will be drawn to this interesting construction game.
Who It’s For
Suitable for children from ages 2-4, the Jack in the Box building game from Chalk and Chuckles is very easy to play, promotes fine motor skills, color matching, and turn-taking patience. The game also teaches color differences while tots clown around. The youngest player going first is a great rule that encourages smaller kids to get involved in on the fun.
What To Be Aware Of
Containing two different ways to play, the Jack in the Box Colour Match Me game from Chalk and Chuckles contains four cardboard Jacks, four cardboard start boxes, 40 cardboard colored springs, four sequencing cards, one instruction booklet, and one colored wooden die and is hand crafted using wood non-toxic inks. The packaging is printed with soy-based ink and phthalate-free lamentation on recycled paper. The game is for two to four players.
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