Diaper Wallet Review (B.Box)

Diaper Wallet
What It Is

For all your emergency baby changing needs it's the Diaper Wallet from B.Box. A plastic box that holds two disposable diapers, a changing pad and baby wipes; it's the perfect accessory to take along with you when you're out and about with the latest little addition to the family.

The purse-sized diaper wallet opens up to reveal a slot for wipes underneath the main section for your diapers. In addition, there's also a padded mat to put baby on when it's changing time so there's no surface issues. If there's a situation in the middle of a meal at a restaurant, an afternoon stroll in the park, or even when you're over a friends and baby needs to have a diaper change, keep it neat and discreet with this diaper wallet.

Why Is It Useful?

The Diaper Wallet is a simple, convenient and easy-to-use way to cover up your baby's messes in a cinch. Excellent for those last-minute emergencies in any setting, the Diaper Wallet is there to help you and your family go on with your day at the drop of a hat. The padded mat makes for a quick changing pad and there are several places inside the wallet to place wipes while the diapers themselves fit snug in the inside front of the wallets. You will never have to lug a giant diaper bag with you again.

Who It’s For

A great and convenient solution for everyday use (especially when traveling with babies), the Diaper Wallet is for newborns from birth until properly potty trained. Moms and dads will also enjoy the Diaper Wallet because of how convenient and reliable it is while being a small, light weight carrying case.

What To Be Aware Of

No more lugging your entire diaper bag to the restroom. The wipes can be accesses from both inside and outside the diaper wallet. The Diaper Wallet also comes with a padded mat that makes any place a changing station and can be simply wiped clean so it's extremely reusable. The diaper wallet only fits up to two diapers, which should be more than enough for both of you and it also has a space to neatly place your baby wipes.

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