Pick-A-Berry Review (Plan Toys)

What It Is
Made from recycled wood from a rubber wood tree, Pick-A-Berry is an eco-friendly game that has players harvest the tree using color-coded spoons to help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Players choose to either pick the red berries or the purple ones. Together they'll take turns picking each berry with the color-specific spoon that slides over the branch without moving the tree or dropping the berries. The team that has the most berries once all branches have been picked is the winner.
Is It Fun?

Repeat play is pretty likely as players only have to pick four berries each, making the game go by quickly. Although there are only two spoons, team play is encouraged. A quick fix for the lack of spoons is to take turns, which this game will help with showing children sharing and patience. It will also reinforce communication and social skills, and help kids with color recognition. It also offers a fun way to get parents and kids playing together, as they try to pick the berries.  

Who It’s For
While a fun concept, it's going to be challenging to get the berries off without dropping them, especially for children at the recommended age of 3 and up, so they may have to be a little older before being able to get through a berry picking session without dropping any. The tree and berries are pretty sensitive to the touch, so you will have to be quite steady and patient if you want to pull off this daunting task. We actually had trouble trying to get the berries off without the tree moving and we're adults.
What To Be Aware Of

This Plan Toys game also uses non-formaldehyde glue and organic coloring, making it safer for the environment and the kids playing with it. Parents are going to be happy with this sustainable design choice and will appreciate the fact that the game is made from recycled rubber wood trees. The game includes a pot, a plant, eight berries, a tree base, and two pickers. Picking the berries may help with the development of fine motor skills by trying to steady the berry without having it fall or rock the tree.

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