Cat Scratcher Lynks Review (Katris)

Cat Scratcher Lynks
What It Is

The KATRIS Lynk sis a modular cat scratcher system that comes with 2 pieces per set so you can create an array of combinations for your favorite feline friend to scratch, stretch and play. KATRIS Lynks features real teak wood covers on their sides, making them look stylish in any home. Arrange the KATRIS Lynks in  different patterns to keep your scratchers fun and interesting for your feline friends! Each KATRIS Lynks block is made from over 200 sheets of recyclable,heavy-duty paper, which gives it an extremely strong build and lasts longer than most regular cat scratchers. According to KATRIS, the KATRIS Lynks blocks can withstand up to 300 lbs of weight. All KATRIS products are 100% recyclable and made from 90% post-consumer content.

Is It Fun?

Remember the hours you used to spend playing Tetris? Well, reminisce about those days with these innovative cat scratchers from KATRIS. The KATRIS Lynks are the perfect addition to any cat parent's home. They're fun for both the parents and the cats! Arrange them in different ways around your home to entice your kitty to scratch, play and stretch over them. Cats will love them! 

Who It’s For
The KATRIS Lynks blocks are perfect for your favorite feline friend that loves to scratch and their pet parents that want to keep the design of their homes chic and sophisticated. The KATRIS Lynks blocks are a little bit higher in price compared to most regular cat scratchers, but they are well worth the price. They last longer and are made from eco-friendly materials and look so great in your home! They also keep your cat's interest by being able to design them in so many different ways. 
What To Be Aware Of

Each KATRISblock is made from over 200 sheets of recyclable, heavy-duty paper which givesit an extremely strong build. KATRIS products are shred-resistant and longer lasting than mostregular cat scratchers but always monitor your pet to make sure they are using the product properly. 

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