Pet Water Drinking Machine Review (GPCT)

Pet Water Drinking Machine
What It Is

The Pet Water Drinking Machine from GPCT is an outdoor fountain for pets. The Drinking Machine is made from durable stainless steel and is designed to work with your garden hose or outside spigot to keep your pet hydrated with fresh, cool water. The Drinking Machine comes with a heavy duty 40-inch hose that needs to be attached to the unit with a small hose clamp. Then, hook it up to your outside water supply and it's ready to go. The Drinking Machine also comes with a two-way adapter so you can continue to use your hose for other purposes. In order for the Drinking Machine to be effective, pet parents need to train their pets how to use it. There is a learning curve for the pet.

Why Is It Useful?

The Pet Water Drinking Machine is a great idea for getting fresh water to pets that are outside for long periods of time. We think that despite the fact this is called the Pet Water Drinking Machine it's really designed for dogs.

Who It’s For

The Pet Water Drinking Machine is for pets (mostly dogs) who spend a great deal of time outdoors.

What To Be Aware Of

Self hydration will require the pet parent to train his/her buddy to use the Drinking Machine. It can be done but it will require patience. The Drinking Machine comes with a training guide. Do not leave the unit in the sun. The water in the hose waiting to be released will get hot and that will not encourage your pet to keep using it. Plus, it could injure pets or people. You can leave the hose on when the fountain is not in use. It will only release water when the paw print target is stepped on. The Drinking Machine comes with a two-way adapter for the outside spigot so you can use it and the garden hose at the same time. Gradually increase the pressure of the water when first using the drinking machine so that the fountain is at a comfortable height. No one, including your pet, appreciates getting hit in the face with a high-pressure water blast.

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