Air Collection Pacifier Review (MAM)

Air Collection Pacifier
What It Is

Picking up where the Start Collection left off, the Air collection is designed for sensitive skin and has a wide-shield design with full openings to promote airflow to the skin. The Air pacifiers also have holes inside the pacifier itself for additional breathing help. They also feature soft silicone nipples and are recommended by dentists and orthodontists. 

Why Is It Useful?
The Air collection can make your baby's first few months a quiet, comfortable pleasure for both of you. The Air is stacked with unique features like the open shield and sensitive skin designs that help breathing, jaw, and tooth development. Combine that with the soft, anti-slip nipples and this should help comfort baby.
Who It’s For
The Air collection is recommended to babies who are about 6 months and up. This is a fantastic way to soothe your growing baby and the various sizes and shapes are excellent for keeping up with their growth. The Air is intended for babies with sensitive skin because it allows for maximum air flow.
What To Be Aware Of
The Air is designed for sensitive skin and contains an open shield that allows maximum air flow. The Air collection is part of multiple MAM pacifier collections (others include the Start and Night), all of which are developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society and are recommended by dentists and orthodontists. In addition to the other MAM pacifier collections, the Air pacifiers have a special curved design so they can fit the baby's face and mouth naturally and make breathing easier. The patented silicone nipples are soft and designed to help promote good oral development. Each collection also has unique features (the Night collection glows in the dark, the Starter is smaller, and the Air has built-in holes for better breathing)These BPA-free collections are also sold separately, come in a variety of colors, and all come in pairs with their own sterilizing storage cases. 
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