Night Collection Pacifier Review (MAM)

Night Collection Pacifier
What It Is

From MAM comes a fleet of pacifiers for the growing babe; the Start collection, Air collection, and the Night collection (each of these are sold separately). 

Smaller than the other MAM pacifiers, the Start collection is for newborns and features an innovative curved shield for comfort.  A silicone, orthodontic nipple helps promote proper oral development from birth, which you'll thank us for later; plus the Easy Hold Button makes it easy to grab and attach the pacifier to a clip so it doesn't get lost. 

The Air collection is designed for sensitive skin and has a wide-shield design with full openings to promote airflow to the skin. The Air pacifiers also have holes inside the pacifier itself for additional breathing help.

Last, but certainly not least, the Night collection glows in the dark, has a unique shield with breathing holes, a symmetrical nipple for baby's jaw development, and the ultra-soft silicone nipple stays in your baby's mouth due to its anti-slip feature. 

Why Is It Useful?
Each collection is guaranteed to make your baby's first few months a quiet, comfortable pleasure for both of you. With unique features (such as the Night collections' ability to glow in the dark), varying designs that help breathing, jaw and tooth development, and soft, anti-slip nipples, you will never hear a peep from your new child (alright, maybe they'll sound like Maggie from The Simpsons - but since she's a good baby that's not a bad thing).
Who It’s For
For babies of varying ages, the Start Collection is from birth and up, the Air Collection is for 6 months and up, and the Night collection is designed from birth through 6 months. These are great for soothing babies and the various sizes and shapes are excellent for keeping up with your growing babe.
What To Be Aware Of
All of these pacifiers have a special curved design to naturally fit baby's face and mouth and make breathing comfortable. The soft silicone nipples are all designed to help promote good oral development. Each collection also has unique features (the Night collection glows in the dark, the Starter is smaller, and the Air has built-in holes for better breathing). Each collection is also sold separately, comes in a variety of colors, and come in pairs. Each collection also comes with a sterilizing storage case. 
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