Bite and Brush Teether Review (MAM)

Bite and Brush Teether
What It Is

For those tough early parenting stages, the Bite and Brush Teether and the Cooler teethers from MAM are great for helping babies soothe their cutting gums. The Bite and Brush Teether has silicone bristles that help relax the gums while also helping clean them while the Cooler Teether has sterilized water inside and can be frozen to really help numb those gums in the back of the mouth.


When baby bites down, the soft teethers will make it so they will have an easier time with their growing teeth. The Bite and Brush's bristles cleaning capabilities are a wonderful addition to teethers everywhere because baby can have a clean mouth from the start. While the Cooler Teether is also soft, it has a unique shape and numbs the gums in a different fashion. By freezing or cooling the teether in the fridge while the baby's sleeping, the cold will ease their teething troubles. Each of these teethers has a soft handle with tiny grooves for an easy baby grip and can be attached to a clip so baby can have access to it when needed. 

Why Is It Useful?
These teethers are soft and have excellent features for making the little one's growing teeth come in without so much discomfort. The fun colors and funky designs are a nice modern touch to a baby necessity. The Cooler Teether has multiple options as to how your baby can teethe while the Bite and Brush softens and cleans the gums in preparation for when the eventual teeth arrive. The MAM teethers are also quite lightweight for the baby to hold and are machine washable. 
Who It’s For
The Bite and Brush Teether is for fresh faces ages 3 months and up and the Cooler Teether is for ages 4 months and up. Both teethers are great for any stage of teething and will reduce discomfort, making for a more pleasant, and less stressful time, for both parents and their newborns.
What To Be Aware Of
Both of MAM'ss teethers are very soft, have little grooves for babies to grab, and can be attached to a clip so they'll never get lost. Both the Bite and Brush and Cooler Teethers are lightweight, machine washable, and also sold separately.
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