Sorting Puzzle Boat Review (Plan Toys)

Sorting Puzzle Boat
What It Is

From Plan Toys comes a set of three wooden sorting puzzles--a plane, a truck, and a boat. Great for young kids, the Plan Toys sorting puzzles encourage the learning of colors, shapes, and building. 

The boat, for example, is a bit more rounded, which is why its design is a little smaller than the others. This doesn't make it any less fun than its aerial and adventurous counterparts as it opens doors for original, imaginative play inside your child's creative mind.

Each of these puzzles come apart easily and are just as simple to put back together. Each puzzle also has wheels attached so you can ride off into the sunset once you've assembled your vehicle. 

Is It Fun?

The wooden sorting puzzles are modern day classics with unique building and puzzle detail. Not only do each of these puzzles have interesting shape order but they also have specific puzzle pieces that help mold the vehicle and wheels so your caravan of choice can take off once you're done.

Kids can choose to create their own cool adventures (the boat being a natural choice for exploring the seven seas) or simplify their play with an everyday scenario (a typical day in the life of a fisherman).  

The Plan Toys Sorting Puzzles also encourage roleplay and can help develop social skills if your toddler has a friend over so they can take turns sailing (or go exploring with the other sorting puzzles).

Who It’s For

The Plan Toys Sorting Puzzles are for little builders in training or tots who like their truck, plane, and boat toys. These three puzzles are recommended for little ones ages 18 months and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Each sorting puzzle has unique pieces (squares, circles, triangles, etc.) that form the shape of the vehicle of your choosing (car, plane, or boat) and attached wheels for even more play. Each Sorting Puzzle is sold separately. Collect all three to complete the fun.

  • Fun

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy