Camping Set Review (Plan Toys)

Camping Set
What It Is

For a little adventure to fill our wanderlust, we have the Camping Set playset from Plan Toys. The Camping Set features one chipper camper all alone in the wilderness getting back to nature. Clearly he's ready for the great outdoors with his freshly caught fish roasting over a fire and a guitar to keep him company. There's plenty of outdoor scenarios and campground fun that can be brought to life by your child's vivid imagination. Made from all sustainable products, the soft-finished wood and colors make this an engaging toy while also being a great décor piece for any home. 

Is It Fun?
The Camping Set from Plan Toys encourages roleplay, storytelling, and helps reinforce motor skills. A great addition to any dollhouse or additional play structure, this will extend both your play time and the revolving door of adventures your kids will be getting this friendly outdoor explorer into. Other than decorative use, another interesting use one can gather from this small set is making it a token for people to hold when telling ghost stories around a campfire so everyone knows who's turn it is. Besides having a clean color finish, the soft-finished wood means no splinters for you or your children--a great plus and a nice touch on this campy creation. 
Who It’s For
The Plan Toys Camping Set is for ages 3 and up and is for the outdoorsy child or can serve as a decorative piece in your home. Parents who want to teach their kids about the environment will also want to pick this kit up as it's made from all wooden materials. Both kids and adults who fancy camping or other outdoor activities such as roaming the woods or sitting around an open fire telling ghost stories will also take pleasure in this decorative home ornament.
What To Be Aware Of
The Plan Toys Camping set includes a camper, fishing rod, guitar, log, and roaring fire. For creating an even bigger wilderness scene, this wooden playset can also be combined with the Plan Toys Treehouse set, which is sold separately. The Plan Toys Camping Set is also made from all sustainable wood products, making it a bio-degradable, eco-friendly joy for children, parents, and people who like outdoorsy desk and home decorations.
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