DreamWorks Trolls Troll Hair Floor Puzzle Review (Cardinal Games)

DreamWorks Trolls Troll Hair Floor Puzzle
What It Is

With 49 pieces and soft hair you can pet and brush, the DreamWorks Trolls Troll Hair floor puzzle from Cardinal Games features Poppy the fearless pink troll. Based on the upcoming Dreamworks film, this large floor puzzle brings excitement because it has real troll hair. Measuring 24 x 36 inches when completed, put it together in your living room, bedroom, or even outdoors. The large pieces are great for little kids to work on while the massive puzzle itself is colorful and fun to put together. The puzzle is not a classic rectangle or square so the funky shape gives it an added challenge. 

Is It Fun?
The finished puzzle's size, obscure shape, and troll hair make The Dreamworks Trolls Troll Hair floor puzzle a neat and interactive challenge to put together. Once finished, there's more to do with Poppy's hair, so playtime doesn't stop when the puzzle's complete. Take it apart and rebuild Poppy or keep her together with glue and turn her into a wall decoration with hair you can pet and brush. Since she's about the size of a 3 year old, expect your little one to have full-blown conversations with Poppy and the rest of their imaginary friends.
Who It’s For
The Dreamworks Trolls Troll Hair floor puzzle is for all ages and fans of both puzzles and the troll dolls. The Trolls film lovers will also want to take home this floor puzzle of Poppy, petting her soft pink hair all the way to completion. Moms and grandmothers who grew up collecting the Trolls dolls will also like bonding with their children to help put Poppy together. This puzzle will also encourage problem solving abilities in a fun, playful way.
What To Be Aware Of
The finished 49-piece puzzle measures 24 x 36 inches, has pieces fitted with real troll hair, and makes up the character Poppy from the Dreamworks Trolls film. The puzzle also does not take very long to put together as the pieces are large and create a funky, fluffy masterpiece when fully assembled. The floor puzzle can also be transformed into a wall ornament or other room decoration if you choose to glue the finished Poppy together.
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