Doggy Drencher Review (Outward Hound)

Doggy Drencher
What It Is
The Doggy Drencher from Outward Hound is rotating sprinkler toy that can keep your pooch cool while playing outside during the hot summer months. The Doggy Drencher can attach to any ordinary garden hose. Once the water runs though the sprinkler it will begin to rotate. The more pressure you use the faster it will rotate. Water shoots out of the holes in the top and the red water cannon as well. The spray and water cannon are very gentle and the amount of pressure lets you adjust it to your dog's comfort level.  
Is It Fun?
Dogs who enjoy the water should like to play with the Doggy Drencher because of the gentle spray that will cool off Fido while playing. Adjust the speed of the rotating Doggy Drencher by adjusting the amount of water that flows to it. Reduce the water flow and the sprinkler will slow down.  You can also join in the wet fun or let your kids do it by playing within the splash zone along with your dog. Having you or your kids play along may get your dog acclimated to the Doggy Drencher faster than trying it alone.
Who It’s For
The Doggy Drencher is definitely for dogs who like water or at least have a curiousity about it. If you have dogs that won't go out in the rain, this may not be for them. This would also be better for dogs that have high energy and like to chase.
What To Be Aware Of
The rotation speed and stream of water will intensify when given more water pressure. We suggest starting at a slow speed.  Even with a lot of pressure the water cannon and sprinkler streams are still fairly gentle. To avoid leaks you need to use the washer that comes with the Doggy Drencher.
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