Selfie Mic Review (Moose Toys)

Selfie Mic
What It Is

The Selfie Mic from Moose Toys amps up the fun of the now-classic selfie stick and merges it with the karaoke sing-along stylings of the popular music app StarMaker. To get started, you'll need a smartphone or get permission to use mom's or dad's device. Attach your phone, and then plug in the earpiece to the microphone, making sure both are plugged in all the way in. Extend the stick, and you are almost ready to rock out.

Next, you'll need approval from a parent or guardian to download the free StarMaker app to your device. The download is free and there is a lot of free songs, and but there is premium content as well for diehard karaoke kings and queens. Each SelfieMic comes with a code to claim 1,000 additional tokens that you can use to purchase more songs through the app.

In the app, simply select a song of your choice; there are a lot of top hits to chose from. Once you are in the song there are also a lot of fun filters and voice effects to make you sound and look great. Want a studio quality finish? Select auto tune or studio settings for those effects. Feeling a bit blue or maybe a bit pixelated, there are filters to make you look like that, too. Then it's time to record and release your inner karaoke wild child! As you record, there are bars that run across the screen to hit the correct pitches. Once you've completed your recording, you'll be given a score on your singing abilities (thanks, auto tune!), which you can then save to the StarMaker app. All your recording are automatically put into private mode.

If you want to have a karaoke party with friends, you'll need to unplug your ear piece from the microphone. The recording sound quality won't be as high in this mode.

Is It Fun?

Selfie Mic does a great job of taking the fun and popularity of the selfie stick and turning it into a more interactive and engaging activity. Who doesn't want to throw their own karaoke party? We also like that it's a lot more wallet-friendly and portable than toting an actual karaoke machine to a party.

Who It’s For

The Selfie Mic is for ages 8 and up. It will appeal to kids that can't get enough selfie time in, dream of becoming the next YouTube star, and those who want to bring their karaoke A-game to their next get together with friends.

What To Be Aware Of

There are some safety concerns we had with how easily kids recording can make their karaoke recording public; it's a simple swipe to make those video recording visible to the public StarMaker community. Parents will need to monitor your child's use of the app. The SelfieMic is also compatible with other karaoke apps so you may wish to explore this route if safety is a concern for you.

The SelfieMic is made to house most common Android and Apple devices.

Make sure that the SelfieMic stick is fully extended and the volume on your ear piece isn't too loud--if you don't do these steps you'll end up with a lot of feedback.

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