VEX Robotics Snap Shot Launcher Review (Hexbug)

VEX Robotics Snap Shot Launcher
What It Is

HEXBUG continues its pioneering STEM-inspired toys with the VEX Robotics Snap Shot Launcher: a construction kit that yields a ball launcher so cool, you may forget you've learned something along the way. After you build the Snap Shot Launcher, load it up with four blaster balls, and launch mayhem at your foes from up to 10 feet away. One look at the Snap Shot Ball Launcher, and it's easy to see why VEX Robotics, by HEXBUG, is a leader in STEM learning toys. The signature VEX green-and-gray futuristic, high-tech design is cool, but it'll also teach you how simple gear ratios and spring energy create the Snap Shot Launcher's firepower.

Is It Fun?

It's exciting and gratifying to build something that actually WORKS instead of letting it sit and collect dust on a shelf or in a toy bin. This is where the the Snap Shot Launcher thrives as it not only teaches you how and why it's able to do what it does, but it's also great watching projectiles soar through the air after being launched (and built) by your hand. All VEX Robotics toys teach STEM learning and the Snap Shot Launcher is no different. When they build and eventually blast projectiles at things, kids won't realize the scientific value they've just absorbed until they can't seem to know how (or why) their grades have suddenly improved.

Who It’s For

Kids over 14 who are interested in engineering and construction toys will like it, and they'll also be inspired to create their own inventions and explore more sophisticated sets, which are sold separately. The Snap Shot Launcher's educational elements won't only be enjoyed by kids, their parents will love the hands-on STEM learning these construction sets trigger as well.

What To Be Aware Of

While the Snap Shot Launcher is awesome, it does take some time (about an hour and a half's worth) and patience to build. The STEM learning launcher from HEXBUG contains four blaster balls, shock-absorbing springs, and teaches hands-on learning. To keep the learning bug going, kids can collect and build other VEX Robotics sets, which are sold separately.

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