Stick Stack Game Review (Wonder Forge)

Stick Stack Game
What It Is

Turn the balancing act that life can be into a game from Wonder Forge. Much like a traditional game of stacking sticks, you don't want them to fall. Stick Stacks is essentially just that, but its charm comes from its multi-colored sticks. 

Randomly pick your sticks from the drawstring bag and place them on the tower and also along and across the others sticks--but make sure they're stacked according to proper color coordination (for example, a red and blue stick must be placed on either a red or blue space or along sticks whose ends are also the matching colors). Once you've got that going, the game transforms into something in the Jenga department. 

Your next move is going to be heavily strategy based with a hint of luck on your side as you want to get rid of the sticks but without risking the toppling of the tower, both of which ends the turn-based round. If that hasn't happened already, continue drawing sticks from the bag until there are either none left or the tower tips. For every case of demolition, award that player the set number of points. The objective is to be the player with the least amount of points after a set number of rounds. 

Is It Fun?
Stick Stacks is an excellent party game that combines the classic Jenga with the traditional game of stacking sticks while adding color coordination for some flair. People of all ages will enjoy the frantic stick rotation while matching their designated colors in hopes of avoiding a teetering tower of terror.
Who It’s For
While suggested for ages 8 and up, families of all ages are going to love picking up the pieces (and strategy) that make this game so much fun to play. Stick Stacks can also be a fun learning experience as it will not only promote imagination and creative thinking, but also teach strategy, problem solving abilities and colors to young minds--something any parent will need to show their children at an early age. This interactive game is also a surefire hit for all board game fanatics out there.
What To Be Aware Of
Stick Stacks rules can be ever-changing as the points and rounds can be altered by the players in order to make for longer or shorter games. This game can be somewhat education for young children yet also still be barrel of laughs for the entire family. Stick Stacks contains 36 sticks, one post, one cup, a draw bag, and instructions.

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