Hot Wheels Batman v Superman Armored Batman Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Batman v Superman Armored Batman
What It Is
Fight crime as the Dark Knight with the Hot Wheels Batman v Superman Armored Batman car from Mattel. Take on The Joker, Two-Face, or any member of Batman's extensive rogue gallery with this steel-grade Hot Wheels racer. Pull back on the Batmobile and watch it zoom in to stop the bad guys. Not only does it shoot disks at your nemesis at the push of a button, but press another and wings pop out of the sides to take flight--just in case of an imminent squabble with the Man of Steel and his awesome sports car. Superman car sold separately.
Is It Fun?
The Batman v Superman Armored Batman car evens the odds when it comes to battling the bad guys. The pullback action and two buttons are very responsive. You can either shoot disks at your target (be it Superman's sports car or any DC villains from The Riddler to Mr. Freeze) or cause the bat wings to pop out of the sides of your vehicle to make the caped crusader fly above his foes for some signature bat-sneak attacks. If neither of those options are your speed, you can simply put Batman on a flat surface or another Hot Wheels track for some races.
Who It’s For
The Batman v Superman Armored Batman car is a blast for any young crime fighter in training or any fans of the dark knight. Your child will have hours of fun creating exciting new adventures and save the day over and over again. This steel-grade Batmobile is for ages 4 and up, but will also be intriguing to Batman and Hot Wheels fans of all ages. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Hot Wheels Batman v Superman Armored Batman from Mattel's disk blaster and wing mode can be activated by pushing one of two buttons located on top of the vehicle. This Hot Wheels car also has a superhuman counterpart in the Superman car for either a battle of heroes or the ultimate team-up. Hot Wheels Superman car sold separately. The two die-cast cars should also be able to fit onto other Hot Wheels race tracks as well, so when Batman and Superman are having a slow day, they can rumble in friendly racing competitions.
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