MiniDrones Mars Airborne Cargo Drone Review (Parrot)

MiniDrones Mars Airborne Cargo Drone
What It Is
Part of the Parrot MiniDrones series, the Mars Airborne Cargo Drone is a remarkably stable, easy-to-fly drone you control via Bluetooth from the free smartphone app. The Cargo Drone has a light design that lets you perform 360-degree stunts and snap pictures with a couple of taps. The app can be downloaded from iOS or Android devices to help steer your vehicle. There's also a building brick insert on top of the drone to add on any LEGO or MEGA Bloks pieces and character figures to your drone and safely transport it all over the neighborhood. You can also record your flight sessions and upload them to YouTube via the app as well. There's also the Drone Academy, which lets you connect with other Parrot Drone owners and an in-app purchase called "Flight Plan" that lets you map a fight out and watch it happen.
Is It Fun?
Chart a course and haul your cargo to Mars or across the backyard with the most stable, easy-to-fly drone we've seen in awhile. Feel free to perform stunts and snap overhead pics along the route. Controlled from a free smartphone (iPhone or Android) app, it actually hovers perfectly and responds to commands smoothly--never erratically like many other small drones. Plus perform stunts with just a couple of taps and snap overhead pics with one. There's also additional app features such as uploading flights to YouTube, connect with other Parrot Drone users, and the "Fight Plan" feature. 
Who It’s For
Kids ages 14 and up into flying and R/C toys will obviously like this one. Fans of building block toys like LEGO and MEGA Bloks will also like being able to incorporate it into their construction play. We show the Mars with its shields (those white things around the propellor blades), which are removable.
What To Be Aware Of
The only real downside is that when you're flying it, your phone is tied up, and you'll get notifications of incoming emails and text messages which obscure your controls for a moment. Other than that, this drone flies well and has a little space for building block toys that it can carry. The app is free to download, but has some pay features as well. The Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Done  has rechargeable batteries and comes with removable propeller shields, a USB to Micro USB cable, a set of stickers, and a Quickstart guide.
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