Matchbox Squid Fleet Review (Mattel)

Matchbox Squid Fleet
What It Is

Whether you're on land or water, you'll always be ready to come to the rescue with the Matchbox Squid Fleet playset. This two-in-one playset rolls on land and floats in water to save everyone from the evil squid. The carrier comes with a floating seaplane with spinning propellers and a Matchbox rescue vehicle.

To play on land, drive the vehicle up the ramp and into one of the storage bays on either side of the playset. The rotating piece over each bay will push the car back up, so you can drive it around the carrier and back down the ramp. Lift up the ramp, and hold the playset by the crane to push the carrier around. The working crane with claw can also be used for picking up the car and bringing it back to the carrier.

To play in water, load the car into mini sub from the drop-down crane platform, and then press the button to launch the mini sub off of the carrier. Use the claw on the mini sub to grab the squid. Or capture the squid in the carrier's cage. The crane can be used to bring the mini sub back to the carrier.

And for even more water play, both the seaplane and the squid double as water squirters.

Is It Fun?
This playset is all about rescue and adventure, and kids will really like playing out that storyline whether they're playing in their rooms, in the bathtub, or in the pool. The carrier has a lot of neat action features that are easy for kids to activate for lots of squid-hunting adventures. This playset will inspire open-ended, narrative-based play for Matchbox fans.
Who It’s For
The Matchbox Squid Fleet is for ages 4 and up. It's going to be fun for kids who like playing with Matchbox cars, and it gives them a new way to do it, too: in the water! The action features on the playset are easy for kids to activate and will inspire lots of action-packed storytelling.
What To Be Aware Of

You don't really have to assemble this toy, but there is some set-up. It's very easy to do.

This comes with one Matchbox car, and others are sold separately. However, this playset is not for use with some Matchbox vehicles, according to Mattel.

Because this toy can be played with in water, make sure you protect your play surface or play only in an area where it's okay if water gets splashed around. All of the playset's pieces should be drained, rinsed, cleaned, and dried before being put away after play.

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