Blanket Review (Insect Shield)

What It Is
The Blanket from Insect Shield is portable, lightweight place for your dog to rest outdoors without fear of being infested by annoying insects like fleas, ticks and mosquitos. The blanket is 54 inches by 48 inches and comes in either orange or green.  Although the material is bound with permethrin, a safe insecticide often found in children's lice shampoo, there are no harsh odors. The blanket is made from polyester and can be washed up to 25 times without losing effectiveness.
Why Is It Useful?
Having a place for your dog to lay without fear of insect attack is nice, but unless they are sitting with you or are trained to lay on the blanket, most dogs will likely lay wherever they want.  The blanket would be excellent as an addition to any insect treatment you are currently using.
Who It’s For
If your family spends a lot of time in the woods or outdoors, then Insect Shield for Pets is a good addition to whatever insect treatment you use. Unlike the Insect Shield apparel which is worn, we're not sure how effective this would be unless you can get your dog to use it as a resting place while you are outdoors.
What To Be Aware Of
The Insect Shield Blanket has no odor. Insect Shield for Pets will remain effective even after washing up to 25 times. While the reports of Permethrin are positive, we didn't have enough time to test the effectiveness of Insect Shield for Pets. However, the following agencies recommend insect repelling apparel:
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