Breathable Mesh Tank Review (Insect Shield)

Breathable Mesh Tank
What It Is
The Breathable Mesh Tank is part of the Insect Shield for Pets line.  It is made from a lightweight polyester material that has the insect repellent Permethrin bound right into the fibers.  The Mesh Tank is comfortable and is odor-free.  The Mesh Tank can be worn during warm months since is has mesh side panel that allows it to breathe keeping your dog cool and protected. 
Why Is It Useful?
Insect Shield Gear would be very useful for dogs that roam the great outdoors when the weather is warm.  It can be especially useful if your dog has an adverse reaction to other insect repellents that require spot treatment to the skin. 
Who It’s For
Under normal circumstances I'd say this may be overkill if spot treatments or flea collars are working for you.  But, if your dog does not react well to either of those treatments this seems to be a safer alternative.  If your family spends a lot of time in the woods or outdoors, then Insect Shield for Pets is a good addition to whatever treatment you use.
What To Be Aware Of
The Insect Shield Breathable Mesh Tank has no odor.  Insect Shield for Pets will remain effective even after washing up to 25 times.  While the reports of Permethrin are positive, we didn't have enough time to test the effectiveness of Insect Shield for Pets.  However the following agencies recommend insect repelling apparel:
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