Sqand Mermaid Castle Playset Review (Cra-Z-Art)

Sqand Mermaid Castle Playset
What It Is

Is it wet? Is it dry? It's both! It's Sqand, a special sand that is wet and moldable in water but dry on land. With the Sqand Mermaid Castle Playset, kids can create, sculpt, and display underwater scenes in a toy aquarium using colorful Sqand. But once out of the water, the Sqand becomes “magically” dry. Just fill the toy tank with water and fill one of the dispensing bottles halfway full with Sqand. Place a finger over the tip, and submerge the bottle into the tank. You can fill the castle mold with Sqand by removing your finger and squeezing the Sqand into the holes on top of the mold, or you can create Sqand pillars by gently squeezing the Sqand into the tank and moving the bottle upwards. Use the rake to guide and shape the Sqand, and use the scoop to remove the Sqand from the water.

The set includes four colors of Sqand, a tank, two Sqand dispensing bottles, a scoop/rake tool, a play mermaid, a castle mold, a scenic background cling, and instructions.

Is It Fun?
Watching the Sqand go from dry to wet and dry again is pretty cool. You can't really mold anything aside from pillars, which might be disappointing to kids who want to get in there with their hands and play with the Sqand in the water, but for kids who are more into the design aspect of making the underwater scene, this will be a fun activity that results in a cool display piece that can be re-created again and again.
Who It’s For

The Sqand Mermaid Castle Playset is for ages 6 and up with adult supervision. It will appeal to kids who like playing with different types of molding sand.

What To Be Aware Of

When out of the water, the Sqand is dry just like regular sand, so it has the potential to leave behind a bit of a mess. You'll probably want to cover your play area before playing.

Do not dispose of Sqand in sinks, toilets, or tubs.

Keep Sqand away from fabrics, textiles, and carpet.

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