Dinotrux Reptool Control Ty Rux Review (Mattel)

Dinotrux Reptool Control Ty Rux
What It Is

From Dreamworks' popular children's show Dinotrux comes the motorized Reptool Control Ty Rux from Mattel. Reptool Control Ty Rux is a simple R/C-controlled truck that features best buddy Revvit's voice commands and a tiny Revvit figure that can be placed on top of Rux or the remote control.

Perfect for kids, simply push the button on Revvit to engage in five modes of play. The standard R/C vehicle goes forwards, backwards, and makes quick directional changes. In "Find Revvit" mode, simply point the remote at Ty Rux and he'll find Revvit up to eight feet away. There's also "Follow Me" mode, "Wreck and Smash" mode, and our favorite, "Dance" mode. Press the buttons to see Ty Rux search for his pal, change directions, or get his groove on. With Ty Rux being able to project over 40 sounds and phrases, there's no telling how many hours of dino-sized fun your child can enjoy.

Is It Fun?

The Dinotrux Reptool Control Ty Rux from Mattel is fun and engaging as you watch Rux find his best friend Revvit (and sometimes even you) over and over again. Over 40 sounds and phrases from the Dinotrux show and four modes of play also allow for more fun-filled options, so your child won't get bored quickly. The many play variations will encourage kids to utilize different motor skills and social skills for when they have fellow dino-truckers over for play dates.

Who It’s For

Recommended for ages 4 and up, the Dinotrux Reptool Control Ty Rux is great for fans of the show Dinotrux, dinosaurs, trucks, and R/C vehicles in general. Kids are going to love playing hide-and-seek with Ty Rux and enjoy the many wild and wacky sounds and phrases the friendly dino emits. They'll also get a kick out of Revvit, who also has his own share of phrases.

What To Be Aware Of

Dinotrux's Reptool Control Ty Rux can find Revvit up to eight feet away, has four unique play modes, and is programmed to emit over 40 Dinotrux sounds and phrases. To do all this, Ty Rux requires four AA and three AAA batteries, which are not included. For more fun, try picking up other members of the Dinotrux family (each sold separately).

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 AA & 3 AAA batteries required