Hot Wheels Marvel Dr. Strange GMC Motorhome Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Marvel Dr. Strange GMC Motorhome
What It Is
The Hot Wheels Marvel: Dr. Strange GMC Motorhome, from Mattel, is a 1:64 scale, die-cast Hot Wheels vehicle with a Marvel Comics-inspired design that features character artwork of Dr. Strange. This Hot Wheels die-cast vehicle has six Real Riders Tires on three axles. The Dr. Strange character vehicle is a GMC Motorhome with a psychedelic paint job that depicts the character, Dr. Strange painted on the side of the vehicle over the rear tires. The with GMC Motorhome also includes the words “Dr. Strange Master of Black Magic” appearing along the side of the vehicle.
Is It Fun?
Marvel fans can play with the Dr. Strange GMC Motorhome, as they would with any Hot Wheels 1:64 scale die-cast vehicle. However, it is mainly designed for collectors to display and show off. Since the GMC Motorhome features Dr. Strange, who is a new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2016's movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, this Hot Wheels vehicle could be highly collectible. The vintage Dr. Strange artwork extends to the packaging, which adds to the display and collectibility value. 
Who It’s For
The Hot Wheels Marvel: The Black Widow Combat Medic from Mattel is intended for adult collectors. However we think any Marvel, or Hot Wheels fan, ages 3 and up, will like it also. Young Hot Wheels fans can play with, and add this vehicle to their toy boxes. Older fans can display it with any Marvel-themed collection. 
What To Be Aware Of

The Hot Wheels Marvel Dr. Strange GMC Motorhome vehicle is a part of the Mattel Pop Culture series, which includes several additional Marvel character-inspired cars. All of the Hot Wheels Marvel vehicles are sold separately.  

Since this Dr. Strange GMC Motorhome Hot Wheels vehicle is made in the 1:64 scale, it should be compatible with many Hot Wheels tracks and sets. 

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