Hot Wheels Versus Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Versus
What It Is

Create and capture your own Hot Wheels races and crashes with the Hot Wheels Versus track set. It comes with two cars for racing and crashing right out of the box, plus the track set with target that can be set up for head-on or side-by-side racing. And there's a smart device holder for tablets or phones that can be adjusted so you always get the best angle for your racing footage. Plus, there's storage for up to six Hot Wheels cars.

You can race and crash the cars as they are, or open up the claws on top of each car to add small items, such as dice or an eraser, to see how adding these objects affects the cars' racing abilities. Experiment even more by adjusting the ramp heights and positions to crash from many angles. And use any construction blocks you might have to build cool structures on the target.

For a competitive race with a friend, play the Crash King game. If your car crashes on the far side of the target, you score one point. Use the numbered parking spots on the sides of the ramps to keep track of your score. The first player to three points wins. Or if your car crashes right on the Hot Wheels flame, you instantly win.

Kids can also connect this to other Hot Wheels track sets, sold separately, for even more customizable racing and crashing action.

Is It Fun?
This track set offers Hot Wheels fans a lot of different ways to race, whether playing on their own or with a friend. It gets kids thinking and playing creatively as they reconfigure the track, add objects to the cars, connect this to other Hot Wheels sets, and make their own Hot Wheels movies.
Who It’s For
Hot Wheels Versus offers a lot of racing and crashing action and experimentation for Hot Wheels fans ages 4 and up.
What To Be Aware Of

Assembly is required and it took us five minutes to do. 

A smart device is not included.

This can be connected to other Hot Wheels track sets, sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy