Nerf N-Strike Tri-Strike Review (Hasbro)

Nerf N-Strike Tri-Strike
What It Is
Big Nerf Blaster offers three different ways to shoot and three styles of Nerf darts. As part of the Modulus system, all the pieces are interchangeable, to allow you to build your blaster in a variety of ways for maximum advantage in a blaster battle. 

The centerpiece is the Elite Dart Blaster. It lets you shoot up to 10 standard Nerf darts, either one at a time or in rapid fire mode. (It doesn't use batteries, so rapid fire requires a lot of pumping.) The next piece is the Mega dart barrel extension. It twists on to the front of the Elite Dart Blaster, extends the barrel and lets you fire four mega darts that you pump to fire. Finally, you can add the Missile Launcher to the top of the Elite Dart Blaster body, which extends the blaster and gives you one air-powered missile to blast. Pump the stock to send it flying.

In addition to the three dart blaster pieces, the toy comes with 10 Elite darts, 4 Mega whistler darts and 1 missile. 

The pieces can be integrated with any other elements of the Modulus system, which are sold separately. 

Is It Fun?
We were impressed by this as much for the design as the performance. The three different types of Nerf ammo are fun and let players have a choice for the best possible shot at any time. The ability to use with all the other Modulus pieces enhances longer-term play value.
Who It’s For
This is designed for Nerf fans ages 8 years and up. It will appeal to those fans who like to be creative and will enjoy the play of customizing the blaster for different situations. 
What To Be Aware Of
This is not the most powerful Nerf blaster out there, so it's really for kids who get into the customizing as much as the blasting. Nerf Modulus is a slightly different play pattern than traditional blasters. 

When fully assembled, this can be a little heavy so it may be cumbersome for younger kids who want to run around with it.

Rapid fire mode takes a little bit of getting used to, and it can be a little awkward for smaller kids. 

The instructions could be a little clearer, but with a little bit of trial and error, kids will figure out how to get the pieces together consistently and quickly.

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