Lead Mate Review (Lead Mate)

Lead Mate
What It Is
Prevent your pup from pulling--and make the leash easier on your hands--with the Lead-Mate: a safe and ergonomic alternative to wrapping the leash around your hands. This small plastic ball screws around any leash--round, rope-style leashes, or flat leashes--is guaranteed not to slip and gives dog walkers the perfect grip on the leash.
Why Is It Useful?
The Lead Mate site touts an endorsement from a vet who says, "It helps me with a problem I didn't realize I had." An apt description; it is certainly more comfortable to hold the ergonomically designed Lead Mate than the leash on its own, especially if your dog pulls.
Who It’s For
Dog owners with joint issues will really benefit from the Lead Mate, as will people who walk multiple dogs or have dogs who pull a lot on their walks.
What To Be Aware Of

Nothing can replace properly training a dog to heal, which is ultimately safer for your pet and prevents the very issue that Lead Mate is trying to solve. In our video, notice that we had a flat Lead Mate and a round leash. 

Another bonus: 10 percent of all proceeds from Lead Mate sales benefit shelters that are working to reduce euthanasia, and the company also donates actual Lead Mates to shelters, to help in walking their dogs. 

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