Thomas & Friends Track Master Thomas' Sky High Bridge Jump Review (Fisher-Price)

Thomas & Friends Track Master Thomas' Sky High Bridge Jump
What It Is
Thomas & Friends Track Masters Thomas' Sky High Bridge Jump from Fisher-Price is an enormous track playset, inspired by the DVD movie The Great Race. This set brings the death-defying climactic scene to life as Thomas takes a steep dive, leaps off a cliff and flies more than two feet in the air! The track masters system features the motorized Thomas engine that takes two triple-A batteries. The set includes lots of track, the jump, and a spiraling lift tower that takes Thomas up to the top of the jump. The motorized train has been designed to work on the special track that offers lots of traction for dramatic climbing and running. There are plenty of accessories, such as a barrel drop, flags and other pieces to make a great-looking set-up. 

This is bigI Once completely set up, the set covers more than 8 feet of horizontal space and rises more than 2 feet from the floor. You can configure the track almost any way you want, and it's been designed so that this huge set can integrate with other Thomas & Friends sets within the Track Masters system. 

Once the system is together, set Thomas going and watch as he climbs the mountain. He drives onto the spiraling lift to take him all the way to the top. And then...a dramatic drop and an unbelievable jump, and he's off again. Kids have to reset the spiraling lift between each run, but that can be done with a simple push action.

Is It Fun?
Fans of Thomas are going to love this. They'll be fascinated by the way Thomas flies through the air. (After all, kids know that trains can only jump in the magical world of Thomas.) It's fun to reconfigure the track, and it would make a great centerpiece for an expansive set created with other Track Masters pieces, which are sold separately.
Who It’s For
Thomas & Friends Track Masters Thomas' Sky High Bridge Jump is intended for Thomas & Friends fans ages 3 years and up. 
What To Be Aware Of
In all the times we ran this, Thomas only missed once, and we think it's because we had the track on an uneven carpet. This will work best on low pile carpet or, preferably, a hard floor. 

When resetting the spiraling lift, be sure the track clicks into place.

Assembly is easy, and the instructions are clear. However, the set should be assembled by an adult. Pay extra attention to snapping the base of the jump in place so that Thomas will hit the jump accurately. 

This isn't an inexpensive toy. However, it's a great investment for Thomas fans, and compared to other train sets on the market offers excellent long-term monetary and play value.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AAA batteries required