Warriorz with Z-Stitch Review (ZippyPaws)

Warriorz with Z-Stitch
What It Is
Helena the Heroine is one of the characters from the Warriorz line of plush dog toys from Zippypaws.  As a Dog Mom or Dad, you’ve probably noticed that there are many plush dog toys on the market and that you usually get what you pay for. Generally speaking though, Pet Parents are always trying to sniff out toys with more safety features and durability and that’s just what the folks at ZippyPaws have created with their Warriorz line.  To begin with, you’ll notice that the design is totally different from the animal toys that are commonly available.  Dogs tend to get bored with the same toys day in and day out so the Warriorz will be a welcome change-up.  The Warriorz have an exterior that is fleece-like and quilted in the back providing some different textures.  The inside of the Warriorz do not have any filler so there are no white puff balls left around to worry about for Pet Parents. The outside edge is reinforced with a nylon border that is “Z” stitched using a sewing technique created by ZippyPaws which makes it tougher for dogs to get through the seams.  Inside there are 2 loud blaster squeakers to entice your playful pooch.  All of the ZippyPaws squeakers are also designed by their team.  We think Helena makes an excellent light to moderate chew toy and could even be used for an indoor fetch game because like many super heroes, she can fly.......when tossed!
Is It Fun?
The Warriorz from ZippyPaws are really nice plush toys for light chewing, fetching or plain comfort.  They should last longer than the average plush dog toy since they are made with their proprietary "Z" stitching.  They will be an interesting addition to your dog's toy box and that's a good thing since dogs can easily get bored with the same toys. 
Who It’s For
The Warriorz from ZippyPaws are really for any dog that enjoys plush dog toys.  This is also a great alternative for dogs who have become bored with their usual toys.  The size of the Warriorz may be a little large for teacup-sized breeds. The Warriorz are also for Pet Parents that don't want piles of fluff left about the house.  The Warriorz are stuffing-free.
What To Be Aware Of
There are 4 other Warriorz available from ZippyPaws, Nobu the Ninja, Gabriel the Gladiator, Nicholas the Knight, and Archibald the Archer.  Although we didn't feel any hard objects in the squeakers upon initial examination, later we found one small hard piece after the squeakers were eventually removed by our tester so like most dog toys the Warriors should be used under Pet Parent supervision.
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